Saturday, March 24, 2007

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Image hosted at bigoo

Today I've got a bit of shopping to do. It's hubby's birthday tomorrow. So tonight I'm doing an appetizer night with a few of our closest friends. I think I'm just going to go pick up a variety box of appy's. A veggie platter, make a cake, or maby just buy that too. I agree with Shona, Sara Lee is where it's at!! LOL! We are also having some fresh, hot, homemade bannock! One of my best friends ,I call her the 'Bannock Queen" is coming over and making some. It is sooo good! Yummy !So I've got a bit of running around to do and then clean the house today. Only to do it all over again tomorrow I'm sure. Take care and have an awesome weekend everyone!!

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Kate said...

with all the company we've had I forgot it was Neil's birthday tomorrow. I'll send a ecard! Love Mom