Monday, April 28, 2008

This poor little Sparrow flew into the back window of Neil's truck about 2 weeks ago and got stunned. At first we panicked and thought the red all over him was blood !! Turns out it was not. It's just his coloring. So once we realized he was okay, we just sat with him and held him until he was unstunned....?....LOL!! Not sure if thats a word or not, but it works, LOL !! A lot of people get a giggle at the beer can and figured the little guy was sipping and got drunk. Don't worry, the can was empty, LOL !! We checked out his wings, and legs. Nothing was broken.

He just sat on the edge of the shoebox looking at us. Then he went around to the other side and just stared at me.We went and sat the box on the car in the sunshine to see if he would fly away. It took a few more minutes of resting before Neil picked him up and the little guy flew away to the tree's with his friends. He was fine, and not injured at all. I thought the pictures were neat. It certainly shows how colorful these little guys really are. Hope you enjoyed the pictures. We enjoyed having him for a visit.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Well.....I had a toothache all last week, it hurt !! Ouch ! I woke up a week ago with sharp little zinging stabs through my tooth. Felt like little electrical zaps. So I took a LOT of Advil, and Motrin and tried to get into a dentist. I also used Oragel, and some good old fashioned clove oil. That helped...a lot. They finally phoned me on saturday around 4:30 p.m. and said if I got there right away they would do something for me. The tooth had abcessed, so they had to pull it out. Thank goodness....I feel much better now. Except, now my jaw is sore, and I feel dizzy, and stoned from all the T3's and Ibuprofen LOL !! The tooth extraction went well, it only took about 4 minutes and it was out. I was in the office for about 1 hour. The needles....oh how I don't like the needles!! There was a t.v. built into the ceiling so I could watch something while they froze my jaw, and then they left me for about 20 minutes in the chair. All I could think about was....'there is a t.v. in the ceiling'....if that came crashing down, it would land on my face...then I think the tooth problem would be put aside for the moment...LOL !! It's all done now. Too bad the price wasn't the same as the prices in the picture, LOL !! Oh well. Take care everyone. Peace and blessings sent to you all.....Cheers :-)

A couple jokes for you:

Did you hear the invisible man married the invisible woman?Their children weren't much to look at either.

Q: What do you call a cow jumping over a barbed-wire fence?.....A: An "utter" disaster!

An economist is an expert who will know tomorrow why the thing he predicted yesterday did not happen today.