Saturday, July 19, 2008

I have been so busy lately !! I am so sorry about my lack of blogging !!! I promise I will make it around to all of you in short order :-) In the meantime I'll share some photos of the newest member to our family. Meet ' Titus '......
Titus Pullo was born on May 5th/08 on one of the reservations northwest of Prince. He is a Black Lab/Wolf cross. I call him ' Chief ' as a nickname. I think he may have a wee bit of Malamute in his blood as well. He is a little cutie patootie :-)
He has a big name to grow into....but he also is going to be a big dog :-)
I guess he decided to change the program...LOL :-) These two pictures he is playing with my friends dog ' Angel '.
Hope you enjoyed the pictures . He is soooooo cute :-)