Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Little banged up beauties aren't they...LOl !!

Ok, now for some fun :-) Here are a few photos from the latest smash up crash up hit-to-pass that is held every year at our friends house. They have around 70 acres, so the races are on a homemade track down the property near the back. I had to have someone drive for me because I was at work and couldn't make it in time. But thats ok, there were still plenty of races going on when I got there, and lots to do.The pit...LOL !! You cannot spend more than $200.00 on a car, and it must run....somehow LOL !!Hubby ( white shirt and white hat) down in the pit keeping the cars running.
Lots of dust....Neil ( hubby) and the host of the event. They got distracted by something out there....not doing a good job of watering the track. They had a water truck, but the pump stopped working so they had to drag out the mini water tank and the 4-wheeler instead.
the green car stopped working...so it was pushed off the track over to the pit to be saved....This guy flipped right over....don't worry, he was fine. Laughing in fact...
pulling it off the track...
The cheerleaders....The flag station...Ashley....ready to rumble...RIP...Ashleys car :-(....another guy drove it...and killed her car...LOL !!) Hope you enjoyed some of the photos. We had a blast !!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My little girl has graduated !!!

Ashley and StevenShe wore the Metis sash with her grad gown...Six more years and he will be there too :-)
Congratulations my girl !!! I'm sooooo proud of you :-)