Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Well, I'm back again with an update on my car. Ashley's checklist was good. The mechanic was confused himself as to why the car was behaving in such a manner. Turn's out I was running on 2 cylinders on a 4 cylinder car!!!! The injecters...?...I believe that's what they are called ,are shot. So all 4 have to be a small cost of around $150.00 each, oi vay!! Now we have to wait for parts because nobody has the right part in town. The car should be done around tomorrow sometime. Neil's uncle Doug has it at his garage, so we know it's in good hands. I believe there are a few other thing's wrong, but at this point I think this is the major one. Ashley has been taking a mechanic's course at the high school and is having a blast!!! All those boy's around to help.......hmmmmmm. She is doing good though. She had to go over this checklist like, check oil, tranny fluid, locate plugs, muffler etc. She was under the car and the hood with Neil for about an hour the other day and did really well. She even said she had to do thing's with the car running that Neil kinda thought, hmmmmm are you supposed to do that with the car on?. It was kinda cute. She just said Yup, and did it anyway. Bradley had a silly little grin on his face and whispered to me at one point..."is Ash telling dad what to do on his car?". I just smiled and said, " I think" Tune in next week for another episode.

Monday, September 25, 2006

As much use as
a trap door on a lifeboat...

Well, today is monday ,sept. 25. What is the perfect way to start out the week? Answer, a broken car. Yes the poor " Crapalier" finally dragged it's heels long enough, it is dying. This morning started out like every other morning, get in the car at 7:00 a.m. and proceed to take Neil out to the shop. Well we got as far as Tim Horton's to get our morning coffee and realized we just ain't going any further. I told Neil one of us wasn't going to make it home, and that would be me. He knew this , so back home we went and sent the car into the hospital to get some emergency surgery. We haven't heard yet what the test results are, so now we play the waiting game. What a pain to be without a vehicle. Two people working and no car. Yeesh!! So I got the pleasure of driving the beast into the shop this morning....what a ride!!! I swear at one point the thing had a mind of it's own and tried driving itself. It lurched and sputtered all the way down town to the shop...think I got a little sea sick coming down.The check engine light came on...then started to flash frantically, It was kinda like a bad ride at Disney land. All I could do was try to smile nice at the people going by because the shaking was non stop. Blew right through some road construction, I think they heard me coming, and smelled the burning as well, so they let me through. Can you say chitty chitty bang bang? Well at one point I found myself singing that very theme song in the car at 8:30 in the a.m. Felt a little bit like Ace Ventura driving through the back roads of Africa.So here I am singing chitty chitty bang bang, screaming it out and then telling the blinking light that I know something is wrong so just hang on we are almost there, rubbing the dashboard saying it's ok baby, one minute, then cursing the car out the next. I think people may have gotten the impression I was let loose from an insane institution. Think that's why the road people let me through. Probl'y thought to themselves, " I hear chitty chitty bang bang and there seems to be an angry little short person gripping tightly on the steering wheel....I smell crazy!" My boss got her car stolen over the weekend so now both of us are without a vehicle to get groceries for the high schools. Fortunately her daughter's car is parked at her house , so she will insure that. So here I am , not crazy, just fed up!!! Tune in tomorrow to hear the results. I'll also tell you about Ashley's mechanic's class she is taking at school. She had a checklist and gave the car two thumbs up yesterday afternoon......uhh!!!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Happiness depends upon ourselves.


Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Well, like I said below my son and the black bear. This was a few years ago, he must have been about 3 or 4. We were walking home in the middle of the day and I'm always on the lookout for bears. Beleive it or not if you don't see them or hear them before they see or hear you, well,.. there they are! Bradley was walking ahead of me and noticed something in someone's driveway...right ahead of me!!!! He said, "Look, a bear. I'm going to pet it!" and proceeded to skip into this persons driveway. I thought, a bear? can't be. I never heard a thing. 2 steps I took and their he was ,black as night!!! I screamed " Brad! NO!!!!!". Well the noise this huge creature made to scramble away from a 3 year old was unreal! I thought "Oh my gosh, he's going to chase me and my son!" Panic set in and I ran and scooped up Brad crossed the road and looked for the nearest home to run to. The bear thought ," Oh my gosh this 3 year old is going to chase me!!" The funny part about it now was, we went in one direction and the bear went and hid behind this persons camper in the other direction because he couldn't climb over their fence. I ran looking back at all times in one direction holding my son, and the bear ran the other way and I could see his feet standing behind the camper facing the other direction. We were lucky. Now the grizzly's are moving into town, yikes!!

The picture above was not the bear we saw. As you can see this one has a cub who oddly enough is white. If the bear we saw had a cub, well...need I say more! This picture was sent to me in an email from my mother-in-law. Really neat photo.
Okay, still learning how to post a picture up top but it's not working....well, I think I'm actually the one not getting it! by the way I know I spelled interesting wrong below...don't worry I went to school wunst and i got's me some edgeucation....kinda. Tune in again for the next episode of.....crap,I forgot what my address back soon.
Okay, this is just a test blog. Much like I'm sure everyone has done. I am very new to this and I must apologize, because I honestly do not know exactly what I'm doing. I will learn and work out the kinks.You know what's really sad about think I have an address link to this and I don't even know what it is!!!!!Oh well, I'll just have to make my little hampster work harder on the ol' brain wheel......nope, I think he fell off...again!sigh. Oh well. 'bear' with me...I live in bear country ha ha. Let me try to post this and I'll share an interseting story of how my son thought he could pet a bear like you would a dog...yes you read right! Boy was I scared....

This is me testing out how to copy a picture.....I will change it!!!!