Monday, September 25, 2006

Well, today is monday ,sept. 25. What is the perfect way to start out the week? Answer, a broken car. Yes the poor " Crapalier" finally dragged it's heels long enough, it is dying. This morning started out like every other morning, get in the car at 7:00 a.m. and proceed to take Neil out to the shop. Well we got as far as Tim Horton's to get our morning coffee and realized we just ain't going any further. I told Neil one of us wasn't going to make it home, and that would be me. He knew this , so back home we went and sent the car into the hospital to get some emergency surgery. We haven't heard yet what the test results are, so now we play the waiting game. What a pain to be without a vehicle. Two people working and no car. Yeesh!! So I got the pleasure of driving the beast into the shop this morning....what a ride!!! I swear at one point the thing had a mind of it's own and tried driving itself. It lurched and sputtered all the way down town to the shop...think I got a little sea sick coming down.The check engine light came on...then started to flash frantically, It was kinda like a bad ride at Disney land. All I could do was try to smile nice at the people going by because the shaking was non stop. Blew right through some road construction, I think they heard me coming, and smelled the burning as well, so they let me through. Can you say chitty chitty bang bang? Well at one point I found myself singing that very theme song in the car at 8:30 in the a.m. Felt a little bit like Ace Ventura driving through the back roads of Africa.So here I am singing chitty chitty bang bang, screaming it out and then telling the blinking light that I know something is wrong so just hang on we are almost there, rubbing the dashboard saying it's ok baby, one minute, then cursing the car out the next. I think people may have gotten the impression I was let loose from an insane institution. Think that's why the road people let me through. Probl'y thought to themselves, " I hear chitty chitty bang bang and there seems to be an angry little short person gripping tightly on the steering wheel....I smell crazy!" My boss got her car stolen over the weekend so now both of us are without a vehicle to get groceries for the high schools. Fortunately her daughter's car is parked at her house , so she will insure that. So here I am , not crazy, just fed up!!! Tune in tomorrow to hear the results. I'll also tell you about Ashley's mechanic's class she is taking at school. She had a checklist and gave the car two thumbs up yesterday afternoon......uhh!!!


Leish said...

A clunker got two thumbs up? lol

I can just see you now, clutching the steering wheel, all white knuckled, and trying to be gracious to passerbyers, by flashing the "I'm okay" smile, but mumbling certain "colorful" words under your seething breath.


Kate said...

I think Ash should take the car to school for her "show & Tell" mechanics class!!