Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Well, I'm back again with an update on my car. Ashley's checklist was good. The mechanic was confused himself as to why the car was behaving in such a manner. Turn's out I was running on 2 cylinders on a 4 cylinder car!!!! The injecters...?...I believe that's what they are called ,are shot. So all 4 have to be a small cost of around $150.00 each, oi vay!! Now we have to wait for parts because nobody has the right part in town. The car should be done around tomorrow sometime. Neil's uncle Doug has it at his garage, so we know it's in good hands. I believe there are a few other thing's wrong, but at this point I think this is the major one. Ashley has been taking a mechanic's course at the high school and is having a blast!!! All those boy's around to help.......hmmmmmm. She is doing good though. She had to go over this checklist like, check oil, tranny fluid, locate plugs, muffler etc. She was under the car and the hood with Neil for about an hour the other day and did really well. She even said she had to do thing's with the car running that Neil kinda thought, hmmmmm are you supposed to do that with the car on?. It was kinda cute. She just said Yup, and did it anyway. Bradley had a silly little grin on his face and whispered to me at one point..."is Ash telling dad what to do on his car?". I just smiled and said, " I think" Tune in next week for another episode.

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Leish said...

Ashley is so smart! She gets it from both of you!