Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Well, like I said below my son and the black bear. This was a few years ago, he must have been about 3 or 4. We were walking home in the middle of the day and I'm always on the lookout for bears. Beleive it or not if you don't see them or hear them before they see or hear you, well,.. there they are! Bradley was walking ahead of me and noticed something in someone's driveway...right ahead of me!!!! He said, "Look, a bear. I'm going to pet it!" and proceeded to skip into this persons driveway. I thought, a bear? can't be. I never heard a thing. 2 steps I took and their he was ,black as night!!! I screamed " Brad! NO!!!!!". Well the noise this huge creature made to scramble away from a 3 year old was unreal! I thought "Oh my gosh, he's going to chase me and my son!" Panic set in and I ran and scooped up Brad crossed the road and looked for the nearest home to run to. The bear thought ," Oh my gosh this 3 year old is going to chase me!!" The funny part about it now was, we went in one direction and the bear went and hid behind this persons camper in the other direction because he couldn't climb over their fence. I ran looking back at all times in one direction holding my son, and the bear ran the other way and I could see his feet standing behind the camper facing the other direction. We were lucky. Now the grizzly's are moving into town, yikes!!

The picture above was not the bear we saw. As you can see this one has a cub who oddly enough is white. If the bear we saw had a cub, well...need I say more! This picture was sent to me in an email from my mother-in-law. Really neat photo.

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Leish said...

I've had nightmares about bears in my driveway!!!