Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Dia Dhuit,

Well St. Patricks day is upon us. It is a big thing up here where I live (especially being associated to the local pub I work for). There will be lots of games, prizes, fun, and 'green' beer all around. Lol ! Nobody ever orders the green beer, it freaks them out.
My husband is Irish, so he's ready for the day. I have to work that day so I'll be wearing plenty of green. Otherwise, I won't be able to sit for a week! LOL !
We have been selling shamrocks for the Muscular Dystrophy Association at work and have done well. There are shamrocks hanging all over the place. The names people put on them are quite funny. We've sold to country singers, movie is quite !

Below is a picture of Wayne, a very dear friend of ours. I took this picture of him last year sitting at his 'stump'. I had to work that day as well. Every year he grows out his beard for the winter, and then on his birthday in April he shaves it all off. He looked so much like a leprachaun I had to snap a picture of him.
Have a happy and safe St. Patricks Day to ya!!!


Sharon said...

It's just about the best day to get out and's all about happy faces and sing-a-longs...and of course the BEER!! Have a great time...Post on how it went!

Meow said...

Hope you have a great St Patricks Day ... not sure what I'm doing yet !! Probably not drinking green beer, though !!
Take care, and thanks for your visits .... Meow

Michael Manning said...

Renae: With your smile and sense of good fun, how could anyone not have a GREAT St.Patrick's Day? I agree with Meow. Watch that "Green Beer"! :)