Monday, October 30, 2006

Well, my blogger buddie Shona has tagged a few of us to choose 10 things that we could impart upon our children. So, I have thought about a lot of things all day today. I read hers, and then read my sisters, who also was tagged.I think I have narrowed them down to 10. My words may not be as colorful or full of scripture , but they are filled with love, and the hope that I have raised my children well. I was a young mom at 18, and along with their father to whom I've been married to for 15 years we have tried our best to raise our children in a society that is filled with a lot of disrespect. Not to sound like I am an old lady, but kids nowadays are not the way attitude used to be. Out of these 10 things, the first 5 are for my children, the last 5 are what I pray they will be towards others. So here goes.
1) Love yourself.
2) Respect yourself.
3)Follow your dreams.
4)Don't let others take away your joy.
5) Always say thank you.
6a)Give to others.
7b)Love to others like you love yourself.
8c)Say kind words to others.
9d)Help others, and do it with a glad heart.
10e) Listen to what they say.

If you love and respect your mind, body, and soul, others will love, and respect you for who you are. Follow your dreams, sometimes you feel like you have nothing, but a dream is something to look forward to. Make it happen, do what you can to achieve that goal. Be anything you want to be. Cherish life, don't let other people rain on your parade and take away your joy and self respect.They are just bitter and jealous you have a dream, no matter how silly, it's yours, not theirs. Always say thank you, it shows you have love and respect and are kind towards others. Give to others like you would give to yourself. Something you have that may seem useless and not needed, is someone elses treasure. You may think those old clothes were once the ocean, could mean the world to someone else .Say kind words and try to not hurt people's feelings. It happens, your only human, but at least own up to it.Help those who need help. Sometimes just listening to someone who needs an ear, means more to them than you realize.By listening, you have helped them more than you know. Just be a good person, challenges will arise in life where you are put on the spot to do the right, or wrong thing. We all make mistakes. Forgive yourself,make an effort. Effort is important, but knowing where to make an effort in your life makes all the difference.

Well, there you have it. Just a few simple things I pray I have imparted on my children. May not be much to some, but it was what I grew up on. I thought my parents were silly and irrational at times..." What the heck do they know? They are just parents."
Well, they are my parents and they are right. Now I find myself doing and saying the same,mama (tears...) I think I just grew up. Love you!


Kate said...

O my gosh!! well said Renae.pass me a tissue......its great, if we pass on even a couple of those things you talked about, then we(parents) did our job!! Love Mom

Renae said...

You did, and I thank you for that. Love you both.

Leish said...

Renae- you said it so beautifully! I grew up with a very similar background as yours...;) lol

I love when you said, "I guess I grew up". I find myself doing things that mom and dad did or said. And when I don't know what to do, I seek them for potty training for example...have no clue what to do there. If it were'nt for ma and pa, my kid would be crappin his drawers till he was 15. lol

slap me happy said...

loved your answers and totally agree with them well done and nice picture too, very sweet. I was a young mom too had ashley at 19 Natasha at 20 and Jonah at 30 and now 6 weeks preg with Number 4 ( Noah ??? hmm) any name suggestions for Girls lol
take care for now Christina
your friend