Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Well, mom did a thing on her blog about her grandaughter Ashley. I was so touched when I read it, it brought a tear to 'me eye. It was all about how Ash is a little mother. She cooks , she cleans, and helps take care of her little brother, Bradley. I read it and cried, because I thought to myself, " Oh, are so misled!".
Does she cook? Yup....a pot!!!lol..They are all burnt and tossed! I have none left!
Does she clean?...only when she has to. Putting one cup away does not constitute as 'cleaning'. Then she naps for 2 hours because 'it' was hard work.Does she take care of her brother?...
.....need I say more..?..

That is nothing but sheer trauma ladies and gentlemen!!!!!!!

All kidding aside, those two have been glued together since the day Bradley arrived.

The top picture is Ashley and her cousin Jack.The second is Ashley and Brad. The third is Ashley on the couch by the window and her friend Nichole on the other couch. The rest are Bradley, and the last is the two of them at 6 years old and 3 months old. I love my Babies!!!



Michael Manning said...

THESE ARE COOL PICTURES THAT PUT ME IN A GOOD MOOD AFTER A HELLISH DAY. lol (just noticed I had the caps on lock)!!!

Leish said...

Lovely! Makes me want another baby...hmmmm

I love your "babies" too!

Leish said...

Forgot to say, how do you always keep your house so clean and tidy?

Kate said...

she keeps her house clean & tidy............its called 'Ashley"
lol lol lol

I love being a gramma!!!

slap me happy said...

lmbo at you guys, Renae my eldest daughter is called Ashley too, she is 11 going on 23 or so. Big sisters are fun till someone loses an eye lol