Friday, October 27, 2006

Well, for us up here winter is just around the corner. For my new blogger buddies, my husband Neil, is an electrition. These pictures he took with his camera phone while doing a job out at Ness lake. These people have a large house with a gorgeous view. So he took advantage of the moment and snapped a few shots. The lake was very calm that day.

The picture with the lake slide is actually the Bible camp that's out there. I did make the picture smaller, but there are children running around out in front of the building.

Just an absolutely peaceful day.
Then the wind came and blew all our leaves off the trees. Now everything looks.....blah. Empty and bare.We know the snow is coming, it usually does at least once before halloween. It's just wet snow that turns to rain and disappears after 2 days. But ol' mother nature is knocking on the door letting us know that winter is coming. And then this morning we woke up to .....THIS!!!!!!

AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! What a change in just 2 weeks. Oh well, it will be gone by morning it's trying to turn to rain now.
Well, I think I should go pull out my christmas tree.....kidding. I do however have to find my fat cat so we can do the traditional 'throw the cat in the snow'. Then it's official. This is just a peek at this white stuff that insist's on coming this time of year. Take care all...


Kate said...

I think that tradition started with poor old Kujo!! We all thought it soooooooo cute to let him experience "snow", and then proceded to throw him out the door into the deep snow!!!

Kate said...

.......yes, I love cats!

Leish said...

I'm calling Animal Protective Services! lol Just kidding!

Poor Kujo. He loved it though!

p.s. All this time I thought Kujo was spelled with a 'C'?

Kate said...

for all you animal lovers out there! I love cats too!!

slap me happy said...

How lucky are those people to have the lake views, gorgeous.