Thursday, February 22, 2007

Well, today I was going to write about a' start the car moment.'My friend got a screaming deal on a few items at the store. It was a funny situation that I will write about another day. Today I have instead chosen to quietly give thanks to the Lord for answering a prayer. I have seen what I have prayed for slowly come to light. It's funny how when you talk to God and ask Him for help and expect to see things unfold right away. It doesn't quite work that way. In order for a prayer to be answered there are a few other things that need to take place first. Sometimes it seems confusing and then it all becomes clear.Thats not what I prayed for Lord? Why did that happen first? I don't need to see that answered, I knew that part already.Well, that's just it. I knew, but didn't actually KNOW . Does that make sense? Probably not. It does to me now. Thank you Lord for hearing my prayer. A sense of healing is in the works. I Know!!


Leish said...

now I'm curious what this answer to prayer is?

Leish said...

oh, I love the song!!!