Friday, February 02, 2007

T.G.I.F.!!! Today was 'perogie' day at my house. We are doing a dinner tomorrow night at our friends house. I'm making homemade perogies and my friend is making homemade cabbage rolls....mmmmmmm. I know what your thinking, what time and!
It's nice to get together with friends and do a dinner where we all bring a little something.
Laugh, talk, play cards, eat, drink and be merry. Aaahhh yes, good times

So today, I enlisted the help of my children to help spoon out the potato 'guts' onto the dough, and roll into what was supposed to be a half moon shape.I can walk into my friends house with a lovely casserole dish full of homemade perogies,sauerkraut,some green onion,garlic sausage,and seasonings.I have visions of us walking to the door very Leave it to Beaver.Proud of my children helping to make the perfect dish...?...NOT! There were logs, half moon, cresent moon, blob's of....something.Brad took some extra dough and started making some army men with potato bellies...?... Only took about 3 hour's of laughter, yelling, crying, and some flour fights to produce a tasty little dinner for tomorrow.My back hurts, my hands hurt, the kitchen has flour in places I never thought flour could drift into. The light on the ceiling is a fluorescent light called "cloud"....I think I will rename it Flour-escent.....and it really is 'cloudy' now.They put flour on my clothes, my hair. All the while I'm thinking they need to sit on a chair against the wall and have a time out....something about namaste is an Indian greeting not a budda eating...?... Anyways, I'm going to go clean up,do laundry,and try to go back in time to make my kitchen clean again. Have a good one.....

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Leish said...

That's my favorite line from Napoleon Dynamite.

"Eat your food you fat lard!"

Love perogies! Check your ears for flour too.