Saturday, November 07, 2009

....Neil txting me back telling me to not panic!! Everything is :-)
The post below this one, the pictures were about 3 weeks after these photos were taken lol :-) I did it backwards :-) My son and daughter went out target practice and some light hunting ( Grouse) with dad and our best friend and were taught valuable lessons on how to handle a gun. Target practice lol :-) advised the pictures may startle some people but the kids were well taken care of. They were taught how to handle and respect a gun. They used a .22 long rifle.....I , like I know what I'm talking about lol :-) My daughter is 19 and not into our son is 12 and his dad is going to take a course with him so he can go hunting too. Strong valuable lessons were taught. I,of course, did not want to see my son handling a gun...or my daughter...but dad is a hunter/fisher and the kids go with him so this was something he wanted to do for and with them....Neil taking the first shot at the bullseye target........Ashley went first.....
....almost a bullseye........Brads turn....

....Got it !!!!

They had a lot of fun.

....teacher #2...Good job kids :-)