Monday, December 03, 2007

Today is my day off. So of course being in Dec. now, I must put up the tree!!! YAY !! All the garland and the Christmas village went up already about 2 weeks ago. Today is tree day. Of course the lights have to checked first, and then look at all the ornaments that have been carefully wrapped and been in a slumber for the past 11 months. The kids are at school so I'll put up the tree and lights, and then when they come home we will decorate. Tonight is the perfect night. We do the tree and always open the season by watching Charlie Brown Christmas. Well, it just so happens that it's on t.v. tonight. Perfect !! There are lots of Christmas specials on. I think Christmas isn't the same until we watch Charlie Brown, the original Home Alone, and of course Christmas Vacation with Chevy Chase !! LOLOLOL !! The original Grinch, Frosty, and the animated Rudolf always follow closely behind. My kids love to watch the old Christmas specials. After the tree is decorated we turn on the lights and look and admire how pretty it is. Then we settle on the couch to curl up and watch the Christmas specials that are on.There are so many new ones....they still would rather watch it on t.v. (not video) because you get the commercials and the anticipation of knowing whats next is exciting. A commercial comes on and we all scatter!!! " Make more popcorn!!" " Who wants more hot chocolate?" " Do we need more snacks?"..."hurry up! It's back on!". LOLOL !! Yes, it's very exciting around here today. Especially since it's snowing, the wind is blowing, it's absolutely freezing!! (-17 with a chill of -28)

....but once it's all together, we all sit back in a warm home with the fireplace on, and fond warm memories of each Christmas past. Thats what today is for me. I'm glad my kids share in the same feelings. Have a warm wonderful week everyone.


Granny Annie said...

As much as I love my sweet husband, he is the Grinch at Christmas. It's the History Channel all year round for him. I have to curl up in the living room with my dog and the other TV to watch the Christmas shows. I miss my kids but I am at least blessed to know that they have carried all our traditions into their own homes. The Merriest Christmas to you Renae! Love the music on your page!

LZ Blogger said...

Renea ~ I put up our tree this weekend, but I haven't put a light or bulb on it yet!
Pretty Christmas music you have here too! ~ jb///

Jeanette said...

Hi Renae, Sounds like your going to have the perfect night for the kids to add the decorations,,,Take care

Greeneyes said...

Hello Renae,
As I read your post I had a play by play running in my head LOL , scattering for popcorn and hot chocolate etc , what nice memories you are creating with your family , so sweet , thank you for sharing .
I love the old Christmas progrmas on TV too , you really get the feel of it all when you see Poor ol~ Charlie browns Christmas tree bent over with one bulb on it and he says , "Good grief ,Ive killd it " !HAHA , good stuff.

You have a majical Holiday season with your family , and may God Smile upon you and keep you and yours safe .