Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Spirit Bears in the City - Project Overview - Prince George

What is Spirit Bears In The City?

Found only in British Columbia's northern forests, the rare "Spirit Bear" or "Kermode Bear" is widely recognized for its unique white colouring. A First Nation legend states that the Raven, their creator, made these bears white as a reminder of the time when the world was pure and clean and covered with snowdrifts and ice blue glaciers. Raven promised that these bears would live in peace and harmony forever.
This reclusive bear will congregate on city streets in May 2006 in support of the BC Lions Society's Easter Seal Operations. The project has already taken roots throughout BC with the eight communities committed to joining "The Spirit Bear Trail" – Vancouver, Surrey, Vancouver Island, Prince George, Terrace, Kitimat, Prince Rupert, and Whistler.Here's how it works...
Local artists, in partnership with sponsoring individuals or organizations, will create a unique design and apply it to the surface of a life size (approx. 7ft) custom formed fiberglass Spirit Bear. The Bear becomes the artist's canvas. Once the work is complete, the Spirit Bear will be displayed in prominent public spaces around the participating cities. A 'Spirit Bear Trail Guide' will be created and distributed throughout participating communities.

The goals of 'Spirit Bears In The City' are very simple:
-To create an event that provides maximum exposure to sponsoring organizations, artists and -recipient charities
-To invite tourists from around the world to visit our province and share in our culture
-To produce an event that encourages the 'Arts', local businesses and individuals to come together in a spirit of community fundraising, benefiting the important work of the BC Lions Society's Easter Seal Operations
-To generate artistic creativity and showcase BC artists
-To celebrate the cultural diversity of our province and promote civic pride
-To capture the imagination of children, adults, and tourists alike
Spirit Bears are all over the city. Allmoney raised goes to the BC Lions Society Easter Seals Operation. They are all spectacular!!!
This one's my favorite !!! Hope you enjoyed a peek at some of them. I've got a few more pictures of them I'll load next blog. Take care and have a terrific week !!!


Kate said...

Renae, your getting as good as Lzblogger!!! Alot of work and effort go into these kind of posts
Love Mom

Renae said...

LOL ! Thanks ma ! Love LZ's post's. Very unique, kinda like taking a trip around the world through his eyes and photo's.

Sharon said...

My city (Cincinnati)does the same thing...only with pigs! Check it out when you get a chance....google "the big pig gig"

LZ Blogger said...

WOW! What a cool idea! That would be fun... trying to find ALL of them! ~ jb///

Jeanette said...

Hi Renae,
love those painted bears, We have Painted cows in Shepparton..