Monday, August 13, 2007

Monday, August 13, 2007

My arms are so sore !!! Yesterday, I went out back and had to restack 2 piles of wood!! Half of each pile lay scattered around from a bear that decided the arrangement of the wood pile was not to his satisfaction !! LOL !! Actually, my theory is, he tried to climb up the one pile between the trees to try and reach the bird feeder for a little snack. The wood was stacked quite tightly so when his weight on the pile was to much, he came down to the ground and took out half the wood pile next to him as well !! It was a horrific crash that woke me up from a sound sleep around 5:30 a.m., I was not pleased. This was about two weeks ago, so yesterday I put it all back up. Now it's all neat and tidy again. The funny thing is, he never reached the feeder, lol !! It was still hanging up in the trees. There is a lot of seed scattered on the ground from the birds and the squirrels, but they are pretty good at gobbling that up. This is the time of year when the bears are starting to eat up and get ready for winter. Takes a few months and then they are gone. We are going to be smoking some more salmon in the smoker real soon. This is usually done at night. So when the big black creatures are lurking, it's always a surprise if the smoker is up or down by morning, LOL ! So far so good. We don't like to run the smoker during the day, because we are not home. I get a little nervous about leaving that alone with smoke and a running element, good cause for a fire if not watched. Anyways, today is a good day for cleaning house, and then go downstairs and finish up a sign I'm working on. I do painting in my spare time ( when I can find some, lol ! ) . So this next project is being done on an old chunk of wood , with a birch bark frame when I'm done. I'll post a few picks of the things I have made. I like to use barn wood, old fence chunks, plywood ( must be well weathered of course) and turn them into little country signs. This latest project is a piece of plywood that was used as a for sale sign. I turned it around and wanted to paint what I felt would be perfect for the 'feeling' of the wood. I narrowed it down to either scripture, or an old hymn verse. I settled on "It Is Well" by Horatio Spafford. The rest of the wood will be turned into a checker board, or broken in half and made into 'Wash House' for the bathroom downstairs, or "Peach Blossoms"...?... something like that. I hand paint it all, no stencils. It always looks good once I pencil in the main design, after that, if I use a multi color it covers certain script or angles that I have to reproduce from memory of where I put certain lines. It's fun to do because it's all my own. Take care and have a terrific week !!!


LZ Blogger said...

Renae ~ More people have died from a lack of hard work than have from too much hard work. Love the Muddy Waters! ~ jb///

Kate said...

Renae, post some of your "artsie work" so we can see !! I think I would put cayenne pepper on the wood, something for the bear to eat!!

Leish said...

You're so creative! I don't think I have a lick of creativity, and I'd rather go to Target and buy something for $20 bucks, when you know how to make it for free!

Sharon said...

Can't wait to see the pictures of some of your work.

slap me happy said...

hey my comment never too from the other day, arghhh Tell Yogi to keep off the logs. lolgood to have you back chicky missed you. I have hardly been online either at the moment, just always so busy