Saturday, June 16, 2007

It was Our Anniversary yesterday, We have been married for 16 years!!....holy moly! Last night I stopped in at one of my best friends to drop off a and pick up a few things and her sister and brother in law were there.So I called Neil and said come over for a visit then we'll go home. So he brought the kids . Gord made us a beautiful anniversary dinner! Roasted potato with dill and butter, a spinach salad with creamy dressing, corn on the cob, tomatos and onions done in a sugar and dill sweet wash, cucumber salad with another creamy dressing, all homemade, and done on the bbq! It was sooooo good!!! Then we sat around the fire pit and came home. All our kids were there. It was a wonderful time. That is what I love to do the most. Be surrounded by family and friends instead of going out somewhere to have a quiet dinner. We used to do that but now I would rather be with family and the good friends that God has placed in our life. Have an excellent weekend everyone!!!


Kate said...

Happy Anniversary to you !!! 16 years... seems like it was not that long ago!! The dinner sounded wonderful!..the tomatoes and onions sounded good!
its ours on the 20th...37 years later, but I met your Father 49 years ago, when I was 16 years old...O my goshI must be old now,,haha

Kate said...

it should be 40...not 49 , 40 years ago!!

Leish said...

Happy Anniversary Renae and Neil! 16 years sure went by fast!

That sounds like a lovely anniversary!

LZ Blogger said...

Renae - Happy anniversary to you both! 16 years is a good long time! Additionally a Happy Father's Day to Neil today! ~ jb///

slap me happy said...

Happy anniversary guys, Joe and I had ours on the 6th lol must be the month of love