Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Congratulations to Joe and Shona on the birth of their baby boy!!! Noah Joseph made his debut appearance tuesday, June 19th at 7:23 a.m. at Mater Mother Hospital in Brisbane, Qld.He was 8lbs 3oz, 52 cm long, (20.5 inches). What a beautiful baby. Shona was lucky and labored for only 3 1/2 hours..?..( I know..I know!).... 3 pushes and Noah emerged to greet the world. Mom and baby are doing well.Congratulations Joe and Shona, Ashley, Tasha, and Jonah on the newest little member of your family!!!!!

Its 3 am they're all asleep and no one's here to see
As we rock slowly back and forth my Baby Boy and Me.

His little head is feather light tucked up against my chin
I hold his tiny hand in mine and stroke his baby skin.
The house about us creaks and groans the clock hands creep around
He snuggles closer to me still and makes his baby sounds.

I love these quiet hours so much and cherish every one
store memories up inside my heart for lonely nights to come.
All too soon he'll be grown up his need for Mama gone
but until then I still have timefor kisses and for song.

Time for quiet hours like this with him cuddled in my arms
where I wish he'd always stay protected safe and warm.
And yet I know the day will come when this tiny little hand
will be much bigger than my own he'll grow to be a man.

But until then he's mine to love with no one here to see
as we rock slowly back and forth my baby boy and me.


Meow said...

It's so exciting, isn't it. Shona has some wonderful photos on her blog. How lucky that the whole thing was so quick. She sounds so proud and happy.
Thanks for sharing the great poem.
Take care, Meow

Michael Manning said...

Very Happy for Shona!!!!!

slap me happy said...

Renae your just too sweet I wish we had met for real and not just online your a legend.

Doug Bagley said...

Love The classic cars! Boy, do they bring back fond memories. BTW, it's great to be back among the living