Monday, May 28, 2007

Car update. Good news!!! Turns out I didn't have to get the ignition replaced. One of the car salesmen at work called one of our mechanics and the mechanic suggested getting a new factory GM key cut for the car. He explained that the tumblers may have come a little loose and since I have been operating the car using a spare key cut from a spare key, cut from the original key...whewf, (that was long lol..) maby I should try getting a brand new coded factory key cut and try that. He also went on to say that people have brought their cars in the shop because the key won't turn and 9 times out of 10 the problem was the actual key, not the ignition. So the salesman drove me over to where we bought the car and they cut me 2 brand new keys. First she couldn't find the code because the other salesman that sold us the car 8 years ago forgot to add the key code. So I had to pay extra for her to look that up....kinda like one of those finders fee's I guess. We left the car at my work just in case the new key didn't work then the car would be stranded at the dealership. So we got the keys went back to my work and I very hesitantly took out Neils key....the only one left to run the car. Boy was I nervous. I put the key in the ignition and ta-da!!! The beast came to life. I was so happy, we all did a happy dance. So that saved me couple hundred dollars!!! So, if anyone else has a sticky ignition like I had, try a new key first, if that doesn't work, then take it to the shop. Now I can go anywhere and not worry about being stranded. Especially if I'm way into town, then it would take Neil about 20 minutes to get to where I was and try to get the beast going. So that was last week. This weekend was gorgeous!!! I spent the day sunday redoing my flower bed in the front with some landscaping fabric. The weed's this year are so out of control I was frusterated. Now the flower bed looks so nice. That took me about 4 hours. Today I'm going to steam clean the carpets downstairs, start on the upstairs, then go out and lay that fabric in my garden before I plant it. Neil is going to go and get a truckload of topsoil for Grandma tonight, and then get some for the garden. So after I'm done cleaning the inside, I will go outside and get the garden ready. I love my garden. Tomato's, peas, lettuce, radishes, 'icicle' radishes..very spicy, but so tasty, all my herbs have come up, carrots.... I could go on and on. How was everyone else's weekend? I know my sister spent last week moving into their new place. Congrats once again to Mike on the job. Well done!!! My word! I just noticed how long this was, lol !! Have a wonderful week. It is so sunny here I send much love and sunshine your way!! Take care.


slap me happy said...

great news about your car chicky babe, It always makes you feel better when you save a few bucks. We had our pest guy out to one of our properties to deal with termites expecting atleast $2,000 and all he charged was $50 bucks not bad hey, am smiling all the way to the market tomorrow to stock up the cupboard for the baby coming. Not that the baby will want food lol but you know what I mean. For Joe and the kids to cook dinner lol pass the can opener !! Take care and have a great week honey hope things keep going god for you

slap me happy said...

what a typo lol * GOOD

LZ Blogger said...

Nice about the car repair... that's nice when it happens that way instead of the other way around! Good luck on the garden! ~ jb///

Greeneyes said...

Yahhhh !!!!, it is fixed , happy dancing for you ! LOL saving money is always good , stroke of luck that guy was there , knew about the key from manufactures and could bring you to the dealers , wonderful turnout , a girl needs a dependable ride !not nice being stranded .
We are still freezing here so I appreciate the sending the sunshine , my poor pitiful garden needs it .
Renae, thank you for your kind words on my blog , it is mutual and you made my day , Heres to making great friends !!!! and guys who know how to fix cars haha!

take care and have a great day .

Leish said...

what a nice surprise not to have to pay all that money!

yeah we moved, and it went well. My friend babysat Jack while we moved everything in and out of town.

and we just got our internet back! I think I went through internet withdrawls!

Jeanette said...

Hi Renae.Pleased you got your key problem sorted out.I was told when I bought my car not to get a key cut just anywere cause it wont work till its been coded to fit.
your garden sounds lovely and all that fresh home grown produce Yummy full of flavour

Michael Manning said...

I had forgotten this can happen! Good for you! Glad it made you smile!!

Greeneyes said...

Sorry to hear you were feeling ill, hope all is well now and you are back to your sweet sunshine self , if not get your rest and spoil yourself rotten LOL take care ,HUGS


Doug Bagley said...

Hey Renae,
The cartoon you posted reminded me of what the snail said when he hitched a ride on a turtle's back (shell), "Weeeeeee!"