Thursday, May 03, 2007

After we took the kids to Capilano Suspension Bridge, the next day we went to Science World. Which has been renamed 'Telus World of Science'.We decided to park and take the skytrain from Surrey into Vancouver. As you can see, the kids were thrilled!! LOL !
Once we got there we all had a lot of fun. The exibits and displays were unbelievable! Just a big science experiment everywhere we went.Neil and Ashley got on a machine that had wheels and propellers at the top. If they turned the wheels the same direction, it spun them around. The next machine was a sound vibration tube. It had a heavy drum like cloth on one side, and when you hit it, the vibration travelled through the air and echoed onto a light cloth at the top about 20 feet away. The vibrations made the cloth ripple as the air danced through it. That was really neat.

Bradley and I got onto some merry-go-round thing that spun around, and we had to toss a ball back and forth going in an opposite direction. Enough to make a person dizzy.Then Ashley found one of those metal'pinboards' that makes the shape of your hand, or whatever you want to put on the board.

We took in a movie at the Omnimax theatre watching a screen that was 5 stories, and 30 degree seating. It was quite amazing. The movie and the sound made you feel like you were there. Sometimes I got a little dizzy because the picture was 3D. So if a scene moved to fast in to many different directions, I felt 'floopy'....which is quite normal for me anyways, lol !!Of course when we left I had to get a picture of G.M. Place( General Motors, home of the Vancouver Canucks) and B.C. Place Stadium. The worlds largest air supported domed stadium.

That was a lot of fun that day. We got back on the skytrain and headed back to mom and dad's, only to find we forgot to transfer and went to far. Neil realized this before I did, so we got off, got on another one back to the last station, then waited for the right train to go the right way. Lot's of creepy people around. We made it back safely. Well, thats all for tonight. I'll post the pictures of the Irish pub in a few days. That was a beautiful little place to go to.Take care, and have an awesome weekend everyone.....


Greeneyes said...

what a wonderful trip , great pics too , thanks for sharing , I have just caught up on your blog , you have been busy and My what a pretty Blogger you are , love the pics of you and your son coloring eggs , sweet!
Hope all is well on your part of the planet
take care,

Leish said...

fun times!

Michael Manning said...

renae: Judging from the smile on your son's face, you did well! What a great trip. Each photo took us along on your adventure. Maybe next time, you guys could smuggle me in a large trunk along!!!

Jeanette said...

Gday Renae. well that looks a very interesting place to visit and your sons smile says he enjoyed it. I shall return as I hope you do also,,,

LZ Blogger said...

The Skytrain? Now you are TALKING! I want to ride it TOO! ~ jb///