Wednesday, April 04, 2007

So I had an interuption to my day a few days ago. There was a knock at my door around 9:30 in the morning. So without looking out the window, I answered it. Thinking it was a friend.
Two ladies in black wanted to talk to me about 'Him'. Handing me a pamphlet, they asked if I wanted to join them in the 'celebration' of the 'Anniversary' of 'His' death...?...As you well know by now they were Jehovah's at my door. Now, I really am the wrong person for these poor unsuspecting women to run into at 9:30 in the a.m. and proceed to talk to me about 'Him'.
'Him" has a name, I said. 'His' name is Jesus Christ. And furthermore, I don't 'celebrate the 'anniversary' of 'His' death. I joy in the fact that He rose again. That is the celebration. He died for our sin's, I am aware of that. But, that is not a happy celebration in my mind.
I never really fully understood why it is called 'Good Friday' when Jesus was crucified. It seem's like such a horrific act to be called good. I know there are a lot of prayer services held with readings from the Gospel with giving accounts of the events leading up to the crucifixion. Death itself was conquered by the resurection of Christ on the third day.

Next, what happened on that day that made all the rabbits go so crazy that they started to lay egg's? I personally have never noticed a bunny hatch an egg that was filled with chocolate.Let alone walk with baskets. My brother had a bunny. Unless he had some secret underground shop with the squirrels, I never witnessed egg's come out his bum! We did notice lot's of little round 'pellets', but I don't think they were chocolate. Anyway, that was just a quick little blerb for the day. I will return later with something a little more fascinating than bunny's's pooping eggs and chocolate.


Kate said...

I found out some as to why we call it Good Friday, left it on the blog fer ya!

Leish said...

you gave me a laugh! I was thinking the same thing, that how did Easter morph into Bunny pooping chocolate eggs?

Leish said...

so what happened to the JW people? Did you squirt them with water? lol