Friday, April 13, 2007

I finally figured out how to find pictures on my computer saved from our new camera!!! The above are pictures of me and Brad coloring eggs, I love doing that!!We had so much fun. Ashley took the pictures.

The other 2 are of Neil fixing his truck over at Curtis and Michelle's, and Neil making his homemade pea soup! Yummy! Well, I'm off to take the kids shopping. Got a lot of running around to do today. Tonight we are going over to a friends house to watch game #2 of the Canuck's playoff. Hopefully this one won't go into 4 overtime like the other night! Have a great weekend everyone!


LZ Blogger said...

I love the picture of Neil under the truck... not so much for that, but the fact that his buddy is right there with a BACK-UP brew in hand for when the going really gets tough! FUNNY! ~ jb///

slap me happy said...

love the pics Christina* ; )

Kate said...

LOve the cooking show segement!! Be prepared to make soup at my place too!!!