Saturday, January 13, 2007

Ashley and I were having some fun with our phone's the other night. So we took a picture of each other, taking pictures...hmmmm. Hope that made sense. Anyway,we were playing with different color backgrounds. So I took Ashley's picture with a color called Antiqua, and she took mine in a tone of Sepia. Then my cinnamon bun's finished baking so we ate half the tray. It was a fun girl's night......if the big boy's weren't


Kate said...

Ashley's color almost looks black/white!! Sweet! "Steeped' even!! LOL

Leish said...


What's your cinnamon bun recipe? Is it easy?

Asheronie said...

good times.

slap me happy said...

sounds like it was fun. Our Ash's birthday is this sunday but I will cheat and go Sara lee all the way hmmmm, lol pc had to go to the doctors as cpu is dying so am quickly trying to catch you all before it freezes again lol, good to see your all here and well (so far lol) take care tina tina talk soon