Friday, December 15, 2006

Well,...big sigh, it happened. Yup, it's official. Ashley passed her learners test today!! She is allowed to drive now. Stay off the sidewalk's! Nervous 2 I have seen her try and move the car around, it is rather painful to watch. She got stuck in our own driveway! How lame is that!..?..wait a sec.....never mind. She will be on the road. I think I still have her booster seat, it may help her see over the steering!...couple of phonebook's maby.I keep forgetting that all the milestone's as a parent aren't quite over with yet, as far as the first time goes. I've heard a few horror storie's already....hmmmmm. Well, embrace this I say, let's continue on this journey of teaching our children the right and healthy way to...aahhh screw it. I think I need some air... Faint


Kate said...

awhhhh......and so the journey continues!!I think this is what we grandparents call 'Payback Time" he he !

Leish said...

congrats to Ashley!

slap me happy said...

congrats to Ash and I will star to pray for all pedestrians in your area lol.
What a big stage for her, bet she's happy. She does know santa doesn't bring cars doesn't she lol