Monday, March 05, 2012

Here is a simple idea I made using dried roses, eucalyptis and a simple yellow ribbon. I bought the metal flower pot from the dollar store years ago and already had the dry floral foam ( also a dollar store item ). Dry out your roses, place dry floral foam ( for dry arrangements) in the bottom of the metal can( or terracotta pot or whatever you have ) Trim your floral foam to whatever shape of pot you are using, rectangle circle square etc.Any extra pieces sliver nicely into corners if you need to, use it all up..... Next start with the top and place dried roses in a straight line across, follow down the next row straight across and so on until you have layers ( or lowering rows )that you are satisfied with. I did one row across top, and double rows on both sides. Next I used some dried leaves or petals that broke off in the process and covered the foam inside the metal can. (I also used other dried leaves and such)Once you are happy with the coverage tie a ribbon around the bottom and place it where you want it displayed. I had it on a table in the hall but moved it into my bedroom and surrounded it with my pewter vintage dresser set of comb/brush/mirror and my jewelery box. Violla...its done. Great look for a bathroom or guest room :-)


Granny Annie said...

Lovely arrangement. I'm going to try not to be too excited to see you here again:) It is nice however.

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dani mani said...

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