Friday, March 07, 2008

LOL !! I'm back !!...I forgot my password and have been struggling to figure it out, LOL !! Anyways, back to reality. We woke up a couple days ago to a massive not-very-nice winter morning. The weather channel predicted a snowstorm for our area, unfortunately they didn't get the snowfall amout right. They predicted 20 cm's...We got 2 ft of snow in 12 hours !!! Some areas just 5-10 minutes away from us got 2 1/2 ft and more !! This picture was taken at 6:30 a.m. . I went out, on my day off, to help Neil dig his truck out of the snow. What you are looking at is my car buried in snow. It was still coming down.
By the time we got a break from all the snow, my car was buried up to the door handle. This is a white Cavalier.
My son found the windshield, so we knew where to start digging to get the car out !! LOL !!
This little bird was singing away on the patio Sunday morning. The patio had NO snow......( except for the ice you see here)....
This is what we woke up to on Monday morning.I had to go out and measure the snow. This all came down in one night !!
We have had some winters where the WHOLE season was 2 ft of snow let alone one night !!! It's going to take a long time for this to go away. To think I was just planning out my garden and my herb and flower beds the day before all this came down. Now I feel like Winter will never go away !! I've been sick of the snow since it first came down back in November.....sigh.....I need to move away....somewhere tropical......


Jeanette said...

Hi Renae. BRRRRRRRRR oh your having a long cold summer, Give me the warm weather anytime. Weve been having warm, hot weather since late september and in severe drought. our warm weather looks like continueing for a few months yet. today we had 37c= 99f tomorrow 40c=104f forcast, and were are now in Autumn, hope you start to get spring weather soon... Jen

LZ Blogger said...

Renae ~ Several things stand out here to me:
1) The SNOW
2) Forgetting YOUR OWN password?
3) ALL the SNOW!
Most off them are pretty funny (except perhaps 1 & 3)!
But at least you've made those of us who have complained about the LACK OF GLOBAL WARMING... (all winter long) feel a LITTLE better about our situations!
Thank you for THAT!
As for the "GIRLS trip"... That sounds like a SUPER-TIME... don't forget "In & Out" Burgers and of course the Roller Coaster at NY/NY for your ol' buddy LZ! It made me feel like a kid again... well... ALMOST! ~ jb///

Sharon said...

Now that's a snowfall!
How are you Renae ? Is the weather getting any better for you? I'm so ready for spring and seeing green again.