Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year to all !! We spent a wonderful Christmas at mom and dads with my whole family !! It was awesome !! Lots of food, lots of company, plenty of laughter!! It was great !! There was no need to gain extra pounds with the nephew around...LOL !! He will be 3 in feb. so most of the time I was chasing him, kissing his cheeks, playing games. Wore me right out !! Holy Moly he's got a ton of energy!! We met up with some old friends from high school. Some we haven't seen for about 16 years now. It was awesome !! The New Year already brings some changes for us. We may be moving in about 6 months...not sure yet, Ashley is graduating High school this year, and Brad graduates from elementary school to go into middle school !! I didn't really make any New Year resolutions. This year is full of changes so I think I'm just going to swing with what each day brings me. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and much love and hugs sent your way for all the best in 2008 !!


MyUtopia said...

Happy New year, may 2008 bring your great blessings and joy!

Snow White said...

Hi Renae,
so glad you had a family filled festive season. We did too with Joes aussie family and now I am looking forward to my cousin coming out here in 5 weeks. Joe is in the middle of painting the outside of the house and I am doing the big clear out making room for all of these toys arghh. Am off now to try and hunt down your facebook page lol

Greeneyes said...

sounds like you had alot of fun , I wish you a wonderful fun filled year with lots of love great health and happiness for you and yours and a BIG BAT to "swing at whatever each day brings" you! LOL
I know it is not exactly what you said HAHA I like the way you phrased it but sometimes we need that big bat ! LOL , Hope your well and take care friend.

God Bless

Michael Manning said...

I like your approach, Renae! ALL BLESSINGS!!!!:)